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The Heart and Soul of High River Drift & Jet

High River Drift & Jet was borne from a love of boats and water.


The inspiration started from childhood.   Kevin grew up on the shores of Lake Superior, Ontario where his grandfather taught him how to boat and fish on Batchawana Bay.   


The business story followed years later in Florida, where Kevin designed fiberglass Flats Boats that could navigate the shallows of the Keys.  The boats were beautiful, sleek and easy to navigate.   

After years of successful sales and manufacturing operations, he accepted an offer to sell his Florida company and relocated back to Canada.  The lure of the Rockies and the wild rivers of the West brought him to High River, Alberta.   He wanted to re-create his designs, but given the rough, rocky waters of our western rivers, decided to opt for Aluminum hulls.   He also designed a proprietary tunnel to further protect the hull from rocks - a design that is patent pending and which we offer as an option on our Jet boats.


Now entering it's 6th year of business, High River Drift & Jet can be seen on display at Western Boat Shows and in our local shop in High River.   With over 20 years of manufacturing experience under our belts, our all-Canadian made boat company offers custom builds of Drifters, Jets and Lake Boats.   


For anyone wanting to sell or upgrade, give us a shout.   Need servicing?   We do it all:  winterizing, wraps, restoration, upgrades, storage. 

If the water's calling you, call us first - or stop by and see where the magic happens.


At High River Drift & Jet, we are your ride to exceptional boating.

Kevin David with blue boat now
Kevin David 20 years ago in Florida
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